Global Overview : Compensation for Executives


4th November 2009    18th Private Wine Degustation

Walter Janssens [Hay Group]

* Regulatory intervention: the end of the self regulation period
* Top executive pay: “what for?” and “why?” instead of only “how much?”
* Increased professionalism of boards (including remuneration committees)
* Transparency of top executive pay : public vs. private com

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The recession and its timing


26th March 2009    17th Private Wine Degustation

Bruno Colmant et Peter Vanden Houte [NYSE-Euronext et ING]

On 26 March, Executive Search Agency Mezquita & Associates organized her seventeenth Private Wine Degustation in the Sofitel hotel at Place Jourdan in Brussels. Speakers were Bruno Colmant, CEO NYSE-Euronext and Peter Vanden Houte, Chief Economist of ING. They gave a presentation on the current recession and its impact on economic growth and the employment market for an audience of mainly HR professionals. A “hot topic” which was discussed by more than 150 attendees during the usual wine tasting and walking dinner.

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Prospect 2020 Rediscover The Human Factor


9th October 2008    16th Private Wine Degustation

Pierre Gurdjian [Mckinsey & Company Belgium Managing Partner]

What will be the Labour market perspectives in 2020?
How to attract and retain the best talents?
Pierre Gurdjian, Managing Partner of Mc Kinsey & Company, through his « Prospect 2020 : Rediscover the Human Factor »,  will catch our attention on the scarcity of some profiles and on the lack of leaders we should be facing.
Will we need new values to emerge?

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Human Resource Garden Party 2008


19th June 2008    1st Human Resource Garden Party

No Speaker - No conference - Just Networking

1st Human Resources Garden Party

More than 100 HR Key Player together in a sunny garden just to have a networking cocktail.

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The Post fighting for his future


6th March 2008    15th Private Wine Degustation

Johnny Thijs [Belgian Post Chief Executive Officer]

"The new challenges the Belgian Post is facing regarding its positioning in consequence of the liberalization"

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From the molecules to the bits


11th October 2007    14th Private Wine Degustation

Willem Steenbergen [Agfa Gevaert Regional HR Manager Europe North / West]

"How Agfa Healthcare transfered/is transfering from a Analogue product selling company to an IT solution selling company..."


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In conflict with Social inspection : The most recent competencies and investigation methods


10th May 2007    13th Private Wine Degustation

Bart Adriaens et Nadège Toussaint [Claeys and Engels]

"How to approach the social inspection services?
Three kind of inspections:

- Razzia or unplanned visit
- Planned visit
- Appointment of an auditor or prosecutor"



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CSR, image or required?


15th February 2007    12th Private Wine Degustation

Benoit van Grieken [Randstad]

"Companies' Social Responsability is not restricted to the conciliation of the economic, environmental and social pillars"


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Creativity in communications for Human Resources. Instructions manual.


15th June 2006    11th Private Wine Degustation

Hervé Renard et Marie-Christine Georges [Universal Communication]

"Creativity is doing like everyone else.. but differently!"


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The solidarity pact between generations


9th February 2006    10th Private Wine Degustation

Herman Craeninckx [Stibbe]

"Present state of the legal texts :
Conventional early retirement in cases of restructuring;
Pseudo early retirement;
Conventional early retirement"


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Graphology : science, art or magic?


6th October 2005    9th Private Wine Degustation

Marie-Thérèse Christians [Cabinet d’Etudes Graphologiques]

What is graphology?
Brief overview / History
What's the purpose of it?
Formation : ABG/BVG"


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Aligning for a coaching culture


28th April 2005    8th Private Wine Degustation

Chris Minne et Philippe Kerstenne [Enable]

"Implementing a coaching culture :
- The meaning of words
- In search of cultural alignment : the logical levels of change
- 13 practical guidelines"


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What impact does a business cocktail reception have for employers?


23rd September 2004    6th Private Wine Degustation

Jean-Philippe Cordier [Taquet, Clesse & Van Eeckhout]

"In this context, I would like to talk about the possible consequences a company cocktail could have for an employer..."


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