Private HR Conference

Bernard Hensmans, Country Manager, Monster Belux

"Gearing up for tomorrow’s workforce”

What will be the dual challenge of tomorrow's workforce?
How to overcome this dual challenge ?

Erik Portier, Country Manager, Google Belgium

How is your company's digital foot print ?

In today's information society users and consumers interact much more with brands and companies than ever before. What are they telling about your company ? How can you measure your digital foot print ? Apply 5 simple rules and start engaging with your future colleagues.

Mick Daman, CEO, Universal Communication

“Successful HR-Communication in the War for Talent”

Multimedia Employer Branding & Internal Communication
What is it in a word ? Employer Brand Analyse, Employer Value Proposition, Multimedia branding & recruitment strategy, Employer Engagement, HR-Power, the impact of Social Media, Strong concepts and inspiring cases !

Phillip Vandervoort, General Manager, Microsoft Belux

Managing by Purpose: the Key for the “Employer Brand of the Future”

Why do people choose to be candidate for your company ? For the money, for the product they can sell, for their development or because they can have a meaningful value towards the society by working in your company. How do you enable your employees to contribute to the society ?

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