Mezquita & Associates’ philosophy

Creative recruitment is a people business

Everything that can be said about recruitment methods has already been said. Today, however, traditional and occasionally aggressive methods no longer meet companies’ expectations and needs.

For credibility’s sake, Mezquita & Associates offers you recruitment and only recruitment. The only exception being the outsourcing of recruitment specialists.

The rare pearl is no longer just found by going through a database, looking at the small ads or browsing the web. Creativity is our buzz word. Going the extra mile is what we do every day. Our team’s imagination and availability are the foundations of our high success rate: over 80 % of the assignments are completed successfully in less than three months.

Mezquita and Associates undertakes each assignment in total transparency. The triangle of information between the company, the applicants and the consultant responsible for the assignment is updated daily.

Mezquita & Associates capitalises on its consulting team’s genuine know-how in order to identify the special qualities that make an applicant really stand out. An applicant’s values, personality, and emotional strengths are just as important as their CV. That’s why they are essential to the interviews our consultants conduct. The applicant’s suitability in all aspects is key to fitting into a new job and to long-term job satisfaction.

Applicants who have dealt with Mezquita and Associates know that the support they received in evaluating their true ability, as well as the consideration given to their expectations, were determining factors for their future career.

Mezquita & Associates does everything in its power to achieve a perfect match between the company and the future employee.

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