As the person in charge of the recruitment in your company, you would like to know how Mezquita & Associates proceed. An overview of the three stages.

  • The first step is to check with you whether the assignment you would like us to handle falls into one of the in which we specialise, for example:
    • Human Resources
    • Information & Technology
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Management
  • During the intake meeting, we cover following aspects:
    • Who are you?
      • your activities,
      • your structure,
      • your culture,
      • your position in the market
      • ...
    • Who are you looking for?
      • role and responsibilities
      • personality
      • desired skills and competencies
      • salary conditions
      • position within the company structure
      • ...
    • Development of a recruitment framework:
      • timing
      • fees
      • identification sources
      • ...
    • Explanation of the recruitment process:
      • pre-screening by phone
      • interview with our consultants, presentation of standardised applicant file with skills profile
      • in-company interview
  • During the recruitment process, you will be frequently updated on the evolution of the assignment by the consultant and/or the recruitment officer. 

Remuneration system

There are two types of fees. Either a percentage of the annual gross salary of the person recruited, or a block fee (a fixed fee determined at the beginning of the assignment).

For ethical reasons, we prefer the block fee.

With a block fee you know right from the start what you will have to pay. The process remains completely transparent with no surprises. What's more, as the fees are not based on the future employee's salary, you are sure that the recruitment process is not singling out the applicants with the highest salary demands.

The fees are split into three parts:

  • Retainer fee : payable once the recruitment contract has been agreed
  • Shortlist fee : payable during the assignment
  • Success fee : payable once the applicant has signed a contract


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