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The CEO and his additional mandates ; need or excess?

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30th October 2014 25th Private Wine Degustation

Hilde Vernaillen [P&V Insurance]

The CEO is the project of the company. He inspires, motivates and reassures by his strong presence in the business.

The CEO personifies his company. He gives confidence to the outside world by his visibility outside the company.

The CEO creates the future of his company. He finds inspiration and built his vision by opening to the outside world.

The CEO is much more ... It's all a question of balance



Increasing cultural and religious diversity: the impact on business and daily management


29th October 2013 24th Private Wine Degustation

Jacques Rifflet, Professor of Law, International Policy and Comparative Religion

The diversity of cultures and religions could have represented an opportunity for an enlightened humanity. However, with the emergence of antagonisms, we have seen the opposite which has led to a time of acute crisis. As a result, businesses can no longer exist in isolation. Decision-makers need to navigate the turmoil around them that is so often the cause of internal imbalance. More than ever, an understanding of this world is essential to a company's survival.



Di Rupo one year later, consequences and opportunities for human resources




18th October 2012 23th Private Wine Degustation

Ann Witters & Olivier Debray [Claeys & Engels]

“How should Di Rupo’s General Policy Statement of 1 December 2011 be evaluated? To what extent does it differ from the 2005 Generation Pact? How much of that Statement has actually been implemented? Which measures will effectively influence our HR policy? What can we expect in the long term?



A history of creativity, quality and value in a global world.


6th Octobre 2011    22th Private Wine Degustation

Herman Van De Velde [Van de Velde]

“Helping to shape the body and spirit of women” is the mission of this Belgian company based in Western Flanders.
What are the recipes for success and what were the main challenges and opportunities?
A fascinating speaker for a topic that is just as interesting.

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Carrefour. Something positive for everyone. 21e Private Wine Degustation


17th March 2011    21th Private Wine Degustation

Gérard Lavinay [Carrefour Belgium]

The role of Human Resources in putting together a recovery plan or how to prepare the future when faced with turmoil.

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An HR strategy for the STIB-MIVB: private ingredients in a public recipe?


2nd December 2010    20th Private Wine Degustation

Bauduin Auquier [STIB-MIVB]

Like all public companies, the STIB-MIVB must change to meet the needs of its clients, its environment and, of course, its shareholder The Brussels Region. It must deal with an enormous growth in demand, but adapt to the financing difficulties of the Brussels Region. For the past 10 years, it has seen exceptional transformation, but the path towards a change in mentalities remains a long one. How can the HR strategy contribute to this transformation? How can practices of the private sector help? What assets does the public sector have?

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