Questions frequently asked by companies

1. Who manages our recruitment request?

Mezquita & Associates guarantees that the consultants dealing with your job offer possess the necessary experience and qualifications. Recruitment files are finalised by a project manager who also has practical experience in the recruitment and selection sector.

2. How will our request be dealt with?

  • Mezquita & Associates will develop a professional working relationship with you and analyse your needs.
  • We define the methodology best adapted to your needs in order to accomplish the assignment in the best possible way.
  • We represent our clients with a high degree of professionalism when dealing with job applicants. We inform the applicants of necessary information concerning the company and the position, and guarantee a close follow-up during the process.
  • We provide professional and legal advice in a respectful, impartial and non-discriminatory way including, also when we evaluate applicants suggested by the client.

3. Is Mezquita & Associates allowed to approach our employees?

We will not approach a client’s employees in order to offer them work elsewhere, unless the employee him- or herself has initiated the contact. This rule applies to a specific time period to be defined with the client.

4. How long will it take to complete the requested assignment?

We pledge to carry out recruitment within a reasonable time-frame. Agreement on the time-frame and the duration of each step is stipulated in the contract agreed between the agency and the client at the beginning of each assignment.

5. How are the fees decided?

The fees must be clearly agreed by both parties and stipulated in writing. They must reflect the quality and quantity of services to be provided. In addition they must allow us to fill all obligations professionally and ethically while maintaining the same high quality standard.

6. What is the way of working of Mezquita & Associates?

We guarantee our ability to fulfill an assignment and will always do our utmost to propose applicants best suited to the client in an objective, non-discriminatory and respectful way.
These skills are based on the following:

  • an understanding of company structure and organisation,
  • an understanding of the professional skills required,
  • knowledge of company and employee culture,
  • knowledge of the employment market’s structure and how it works,
  • skillful application of recruitment and selection methods.


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