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We look on a recruitment agency as a partner. A partner that is well-versed in our ‘business culture’, willing to exchange information with our managers, and prepared to be flexible. As we may decide to change what a job involves, we are eager to work with a flexible partner. On the communication front, we seek a partner we can rely on who will provide us with accurate information on a day-to-day basis. We have been working with Mezquita since 2004. A successful experience. This agency has sent us a dozen or so valid applicants.


We were looking for a recruitment agency that could provide us with the required profile within a reasonable period of time. This is often difficult to do, but we expect the agency to have a good idea of our ‘business culture’. And an applicant has to take a keen interest in on our company's core business. One of Mezquita's key assets is its professional attitude and approach. You can rely them to send you only suitable applicants. We sometimes decide to change what a job involves during the course of an assignment and the deadline specified at the outset is not always met, but Mezquita can always be relied on to be eminently flexible in this respect.


We take charge of most of the appointments ourselves but when a ‘direct search’ has to be undertaken we call on the services of a recruitment agency. The agency has to be familiar with the job profile and the market and has to be able to select an applicant who can offer the skills we are looking for. We have tasked Mezquita with looking for highly specific profiles. We are delighted with the efforts it has made on our behalf.


We expect a recruitment agency to send us suitable applicants. Applicants who best fit the description of the profile and within the shortest time possible, i.e. two to three months. We obviously would be very disappointed if the agency sent us 20 or so applicants and only half of them turned out to be of any interest.Mezquita is very familiar with our company and understands the job description perfectly. It invariably finds us the best applicants and we have never had to wait very long.


By this letter I would like to thank you for the support and the professionalism Mezquita & Associates demonstrated during the recruitment of two Project Leaders for our company. Both profiles, and we knew it, were not easy to identify, with the high demands of Accor and the complexity of a matrix structure present at Accor only making this mission even more difficult. Nevertheless, you found both Project Leaders, one for Belgium and another for The Netherlands in less than 6 months, Bravo and thank you!

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