Candidates recruitment procedure at Mezquita & Associates

What are the different steps to be followed by an applicant with a view to future employment with one of the companies who have entrusted us with their recruitment assignment ?

  • Send your CV to Mezquita & Associates by replying to a specific offer or spontaneously for future reference.
  • A short form to which you can attach your CV needs to be completed on our website.
  • Our consultant team analyses your CV.
  • After analysis of your CV, there are three options:
    • Your skills do not match the type of assignment we generally deal with. You are informed by mail.
    • Your skills do not match a current assignment but could do so in the future. You are sent an e-mail inviting you to fill in the Mezquita's complete application form. You will be included in our recruitment database.
    • Your profile matches one of our current requests. You are sent an e-mail asking you to fill in our complete application form. In addition, you will be contacted by one of our consultants for an initial phone interview. After this interview, there are two options:
      • The consultant decides that your profile does not match the client’s needs and clearly explains the reasons.
      • You are invited to attend a face-to-face interview with a consultant at Mezquita & Associates offices.
  • If the interview is conclusive for both parties and the offer meets your expectations, the client is informed of your application by phone and by the means of a detailed report.
  • If the client shows a genuine interest in your application, the consultant arranges an interview between you and the client (certain tests may be carried out at the client’s request).
  • Subsequent to the interview, Mezquita & Associates organises a debriefing session which includes both the client’s impressions and yours. It’s crucial that the two parties share the same expectations and the same enthusiasm. Depending on the outcome of the debriefing, you then decide whether you wish to continue with the procedure or not.

In all cases and at all stages, Mezquita & Associates keeps you informed in a clear and objective way of how matters are proceeding. In addition we will help you to determine which professional direction you would like to take and how to best choose your career.


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