Questions frequently asked by candidates

1. How can I receive offers by e-mail?

To receive offers by mail, you should register on different employment sites and on the Mezquita website:

2. I am surprised to see that an advertisement sometimes stays posted on your site for over a month. Is that normal?

Yes, an assignment can last between 1 and 6 months.

3. How can companies see my CV?

If you are registered on the job sites, we can access your file. We pay annual access rights to different databases.

4. Is it possible to submit a CV anonymously?

Yes, you can submit your CV anonymously on most job sites.

5. What happens if my CV does not correspond to the jobs offered by Mezquita & Associates?

Your CV will be considered for other suitable offers.  In absence of an offer matching your profile, we will keep your CV on file and will contact you as soon as an opportunity arises.

6. In the recruitment process, who will handle my application and how?

Mezquita & Associates guarantees that the consultants dealing with your application have the necessary qualifications and training.  Your needs will be analysed as will those of the client. Your communication and team leadership qualities, stress management abilities, organisational skills and so on will be evaluated as well as your thoroughness and any other relevant skills. At the end of the interview you say whether you are interested or not. If you agree, your file is then presented to the company. On the other hand, you may choose not to continue with the assignment if your application does not match the required profile.

7. If I refuse an assignment because I am not available, will I be re-contacted at a later date?

Yes, if an opportunity matching your profile arises.

8. What happens if I no longer wish to start a job I had accepted?

Your case will be referred to a legal advisor who will deal with the legal implications.

9. Is it necessary to have working experience?

Mezquita & Associates generally helps people who have a minimum of three years experience. However, in certain cases the experience required may be less.

10. After my recruitment am I still monitored and supported by Mezquita & Associates?

Yes, we try to keep in touch with all applicants even after recruitment.

11. Is the applicant helped by Mezquita & Associates when negotiating his / her salary?

Yes. The “offer and salary negotiation” is the most critical part of the recruitment process. If both parties are interested, we help them to reach an agreement.

12. Is personal information confidential?

Yes. We never hand over any information concerning an applicant without his / her prior agreement. If confidentiality problems occur, an ombudsman deals with the litigation via Federgon (Fédération des partenaires de l’emploi).

13. Will I have to pay for the services Mezquita & Associates offers?

The services of Mezquita & Associates are free of charge for the applicant. Employment agencies cannot accept payment for these services, in any shape or form, except from the client companies.

14. What information do I receive concerning the client-company?

During the process you will receive all relevant information concerning the company, the function, work conditions and the next steps in the process.

15. Can I find out what stage the process has reached?

The consultant dealing with your application will inform you at all times of the status in the recruitment process.

16. Can I see my file?

If you request, you may see your file and our advice. 

17. Can I be submitted to a reference enquiry?

A reference enquiry can only take place if you have given your agreement in writing. Your present employer is never asked for references, unless you have given explicit agreement. If you specifically name a person of reference in your CV, this is considered as an authorisation.

18 Right to privacy

The office respects an employee’s right to privacy including any information linked to that person. We undertake to consult and use information only within the framework of a professional mediation and with the applicant’s agreement. We respect the law of 8th December 1992 on the protection of the individual (specifications relative to the requirement to make a declaration, the right to be consulted about, amend and remove information), in the interests of the employee and the information concerning his / her private life. The office maintains an attitude of respect, impartiality and non-discrimination throughout the whole selection process (with regard to gender, disablement, ethnic group, age etc.) and is guided by its professionalism, in the interests of the client and the applicant.


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